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How to care for a carbon steel knife

Thank you for purchasing an Element Fe carbon steel knife. With basic care your knife will give many years of service.


Carbon steel (non-stainless) knives are known for taking and holding an extremely keen edge, and can be sharpened with anything from standard whetstones to motorized grinders (taking care not to overheat). Diamond stones are inexpensive and work quickly on these hard, abrasion resistant steels.


Though the knife is polished when new, with use it will develop a protective gray patina—this is a good thing, and can be encouraged by wiping the knife dry and oiling after every use. Any cooking oil is suitable if the knife is used in food preparation.


If the knife is scrubbed with soap, it needs to be dried right away, or brown rust spots may develop. These can be scrubbed away with any scotch brite pad, and a quick wipe with light oil will protect the surface.


Always dry and oil your knife before storing it in the sheath. If the knife and sheath are wet, dry as soon as is practical.


Please contact me with any questions!



Sustainably sourced materials

The materials for my Standard line are sustainably sourced/upcycled in partnership with local manufacturers.


The blade steel comes from a metal products manufacturer in Bellingham, WA.



The handle wood comes from a chair maker in Bellingham, WA.